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Having a team that knows your HVAC system intimately and works with you to ensure its ongoing, efficient, and cost-effective use is key to maximizing your investment. American Industrial Contractors is more than just a service provider; we are your partner in protecting your mechanical assets and keeping them running at peak performance. 

End-to-End Service and Maintenance for HVAC and BAS Systems

Reliable, responsive service and a professional maintenance program plays a critical role for HVAC and building automation systems. American Industrial Contractors has established an entire division to provide preventive HVAC maintenance, service, repairs, and emergency support.

Our service team not only provides responsive, knowledgeable, and expert support but also works with our clients as they grow and their system needs change. As your partner, we can establish a regularly-scheduled maintenance program as well as evaluate additions, repairs, and replacements as they are needed. 

Preventive Maintenance Program Benefits

Some of the benefits our clients enjoy with an American Industrial maintenance program include these:

  • 24/7 availability for Emergency Service
  • Reduced labor rates and parts discounts
  • Priority, same-day service response
  • Reduced risk of expensive system failures
  • Reduced amount and frequency of major repairs
  • Reduced monthly energy usage and cost 
  • Ability to budget ongoing maintenance
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Extended system component and asset life
  • Peace of mind

Service for All HVAC System Brands

American Industrial has some of the best-trained, most experienced HVAC technicians in the industry. We've serviced every manufacturer's equipment that is in operation, and we are pleased to provide service to new customers, regardless of whether we installed your system.

For more information about our commercial and industrial HVAC service, preventive maintenance programs, or emergency HVAC service, please visit the website for our service division, American Industrial Service.

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